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Analyze trades & lineups all season
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  • Edit settings to reflect your league set-up and scoring

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Test your 2015 fantasy football draft day strategy

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Support for non-PPR, PPR, 2-QB, dynasty startup, dynasty rookie, and FPC/FFPC mock drafts.

Members can save mock drafts and run simulations against our algorithms

Pre-configure keepers to be removed from the mock draft in any arbitrary round.

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Our Average Draft Positions are calculated from more than 1,000 daily completed mock drafts. See the most recent ADP for the 2015 fantasy football draft.

We continue to update player's potential throughout the year with up-to-date in-season data.

Become a member and analyze trades all year.

ADP data for standard non-PPR, PPR, 2-QB, and dynasty rookie draft formats.

Fantasy Football Rankings

Rankings from our number crunching monster can compliment your own expert opinion. Fantasy football rankings are accurate and FREE on Fantasy Football Calculator.

Members can also create their own fantasy football rankings based on the results of their saved mock drafts. Learn more about membership

2015 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets

Download and print our 2015 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets, a must-have on your draft day.

Fantasy football cheat sheets are customizable and easy to use.

Full support for keeper dynasty leagues, PPR, and 2-QB formats. Have the kept players marked separately so that you know not to draft them.

Members can pair the cheat sheets with the fantasy football draft calculator, which allows them to track the draft and select the highest value player when their turn is up. Learn more about membership

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The draft hosting software can be used for on-line, in-person, or combined on-line and in-person hosted drafts.

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